I’m an American. I was born and raised in various places in the western United State. I moved to the UK when I was in my very late 30s, about 15 years ago, and while I’d rather live in Ye Olde England I still sometimes find myself reacting to and comparing situations in the UK to ones in America. Even after a decade and a half I am frequently made aware of how my initial reactions to events are primarily dictated by my upbringing west of the Mississippi and east of San Fran. You can take the boy out of the US but . . .

On this blog I will be frequently commenting on aspects of life in Great Britain that are noticeably different from those in the USA. These observations will be (obviously) personal and probably idiosyncratic. But I hope somewhat entertaining and humourous. Humorous? I still get some spellings wrong. I’ll try and get ‘the facts’ right but I’m sure I’ll make a lot of mistakes. If you tell me about them, nicely, I’ll try and fix them. Some posts are going to be works in progress (I’m going to have a list of language differences) so it’ll be worth checking on those every so often.

I will also allow myself the indulgence to write about whatever catches my interest. Fair warning.

I would really, really, REALLY appreciate feedback from you about things you’d like to read regarding the differences between America and the UK. And whether or not I’m writing stuff that you’d like to read more of. Is that a hanging participle? Things are somewhat pickier here.

Anyway, I must mention my site developer and hosting agent boldfish.co.uk. They’ve given me inspiration, incentive, instruction and a good kick up the bottom. Without boldfish you wouldn’t be reading this right now. If you’re thinking of setting up your own website or blog please consider asking them to help you in that endeavour.

So, as you say in America, ENJOY!!

(My very English spouse hates that by the way. Every time we go to America and some wait-person says that in a restaurant I get the big eyeball roll. And if there’s no real, metal cutlery then we probably won’t be going back there.)


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