DAG meeting minutes

Derwent Archaeology Group (DAG)
Dunnington, York

Minutes of the meeting of the Derwent Archaeology Group held on 1st June, 2015, 7:30pm at 14 Ox Calder Close, Dunnington.

Present: Robin Chivers, Robert Grieves, John Hancox, Hilda Lupton, Linda Maggs, Kay Wheater, Jerad Zimmermann

  1. Apologies for absence:
    Daphne Hancox (hope you’re feeling better!), Annette Roe

  2. Minutes and Matters Arising:
    The minutes of the March 30th meeting were discussed. Linda mentioned that she WILL bring copies of the Community Archaeology magazine to the next meeting. Jon Kenny’s status was discussed and it was reported that ‘his’ resistivity meter is still available for use and that Jon would be a very good person to approach for assistance with a grant application if the Londesborough Farm survey turns out to be interesting. It was also mention that Tower Insurance may have been ‘bought out’ but that there would be no effect on our liability insurance.

  3. Correspondence:
    Robin is getting the York Timeline emails and the Local Heritage e-bulletin was mentioned. Linda noted that the next YAF meeting was in two days times but no one was available to attend.

  4. Open Meeting:
    Jerad will keep in touch with Cath Neal so we can reschedule the cancelled talk in the Autmn. To fascillitate this Jerad will bring a copy of the Tower Room scheduling calendar and the primary school calendar to the first meeting in the Autumn. Jerad will also talk to Jon Kenny about other possible topics and speakers.

  5. Londesborough Lodge Farm Survey:
    John noted that the crops are running a bit late this year but hopefully the pertinent field will still be harvested in late July or early August. John and Jerad will visit with B Frankland to discuss possible times for a survey.

  6. 2015 Summer Outing:
    We will meet at the west entrance to Fountains Abbey at 10am on June 20th. Have lunch there around 12:30 or 1pm and thence procede to Markenfield Hall. John provided us all with maps. After that we will visit the Devil’s Arrows on the way back to Dunnington. We will be taking two or three cars depending on who is attending.

  7. Any other business:
    There was none.

  8. Date of next meeting:
    July 27th, 2015