Derwent Archaeology Meeting agenda

Derwent Archaeology Group (DAG)
Dunnington, York

Agenda for the meeting on 1st June 2015, 7.30 pm at 14 Ox Calder Close, Dunnington

  1. Apologies for absence:
    Annette Roe

  2. Minutes and matters arising:
    Jerad apologises for his initial poor performance as secretary. But he will improve, promise.

  3. Correspondence:
    Jon Kenny has a blog! Jerad is now receiving notices of YAYA’s meetings.

  4. DAG Open Meeting:
    Future plans, options and speakers. Cath Neal is still willing once her Autumn schedule is determined.

  5. Londesborough Lodge Farm Survey:
    Possible arrangements and times. Report on availability of resistivity meter.

  6. 2015 Summer Outing:
    Final plans and arrangements for Saturday, June 20th.

  7. Any other business:

  8. Date of next meeting:

J Zimmermann, Secretary 01904 488 926,

(Please reverse page for the Minutes of previous meeting)