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YMUG Newsletter – 2016/02/27

YMUG Newsletter –  2016/02/27

Acting Secretaries:

Tony Crockford:

Chris Brady:

with help from: Anzir Boodoo and Tim Pinder.  Thanks also to Ian Thomas, Martin Pickering and Brendan Rowland who send me items of interest.

Items for the newsletter, reviews, rants, raves, revelations and reflections to: Jerad Zimmermann, your back-in-sandals news-hound:

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YMUG Newsletter – 2016/02/20

YMUG Newsletter –  2016/02/20


Sometime this week I’m going to have a chat with my spouse and pick a day during the school two week Easter break for a YMUG meeting at Sprotborough. Some date NOT April 2nd. I haven’t had a chance to really consider things this week owing to my wife being away a lot. Anyway, plenty of time eh?

Oh, by the way, Robert Thomson ( says if anyone near Beverley would like help getting to the meeting let him know. I haven’t decided if I’ll be driving or training . . . riding the train. Travelling by train? Whatever.

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YMUG Newsletter – 2016/02/13

YMUG Newsletter –  2016/02/13


Pete Bell suggested Sprotborough as it’s a bit of a YMUG tradition. Is it okay with everyone if I check into that and look to set something up for . . . some weekend during the Easter break? I haven’t done any planning this week, I’ve been kind of busy. But I’ll start looking at dates. If anyone has a major conflict let me know! I’ve already ruled out April 2nd.

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