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Yorkshire Mac User Group Newsletter — 2015/12/12

YMUG Newsletter –  2015/12/12 Got your Christmas shopping done yet?

Acting Secretaries:

Tony Crockford:

Chris Brady:

with help from: Anzir Boodoo and Tim Pinder.  Thanks also to Ian Thomas, Martin Pickering and Brendan Rowland who send me items of interest.

Items for the newsletter, reviews, rants, raves, revelations and reflections to: Jerad Zimmermann, your cold, rarely sandal-clad, sans shorts, news-hound:

Join mactalk – YMUG’s official email list discussion group.

You’ll get approximately 5 or 6 emails a day and can have ‘instant’ discussions on Mac related issues. And other stuff, we’re flexible.

To subscribe (FREE) to the group, send a blank email to: and then confirm membership when you receive an automated reply from the group,

If you have any difficulty, please contact Tony Crockford unless it’s something personal or medical –
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